How to Prepare for Your Headshot

Getting Ready

A few days before your shoot you’ll want to start getting prepared. If you’re properly prepared for the shoot you’ll not only have an easier and more stress free time during the shoot, but the resulting images will look a ton better than if you just winged it.

1. Clothes

Clothing is a form of expression and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the images. My best piece of advice when choosing clothes is the simpler the better.

  • Solid colors look great in headshots.

  • If going with a pattern keep it simple.

  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers.

  • No need to bring multiple outfits, unless we’re shooting multiple outfits, decide on an outfit you love most and wear it with confidence.

  • Make sure that ALL clothes are ironed and pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to Photoshop out.

  • I’ll have a lint brush or roller with with me so no need to bring one.

  • Don’t worry about shoes or pants it’s just a headshot - so clavicle and up.

2. Hair

Wear your hair like you would on your best hair day.  Hair styles are a very personal thing and you need to love it and feel comfortable.  If you are working with my makeup team, they can help with light styling.  If you need significant styling help, let us know when you book your session. If you have longer hair, bring some hair pins or elastics with you so we can get some looks with your hair both up and down. 

Gentlemen, if you want to be shot with both facial hair and without, be sure to bring you shaving equipment with you, because we can do both. If you only go clean shaven, try not to shave just before your session to avoid redness.  Be sure to take care of any other unwanted hair such as nose or ear hair or overgrown eyebrows. 

3. Makeup and Face

  • Start natural. Just enough to cover up any blemishes. 

  • Build up the makeup as you go. Add eyeshadow and darker lipstick later in the shoot.

  • Try not to use matte styles of makeup. It will dry out your skin.

  • Bring your makeup and moisturizer with you to the shoot in case your skin does get dry or you need touchups.

  • Bring lip balm or lip gloss with you to help keep lips looking soft.

  • The night before brush your lips with your toothbrush to help get rid of any dead skin.

  • Don’t do any extreme beauty regimens right before your shoot, like facial peels, tanning or extensive exfoliating. Your skin can look very irritated.

  •  Get rid of any unwanted hair a few days before your shoot. Clean up brows and upper lip hair.

  • FOR MEN. Shave right before you leave for a shoot. A 5 o clock shadow can’t be Photoshopped easily. Use cooling gel or aftershave to help with skin irritation.

  • Leave your colored contacts at home and bring clear contacts with you. Colored contacts can look very fake in photographs. Bring eyedrops with you if you feel you need them.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Before the shoot look at your face in the mirror and see what side you like better. Everyone has a good side, find yours. Remember though, a mirror will flip your face and the camera won’t so the images might look a little different than you were expecting. 

  • If you have one eye that is visibly smaller than the other bring the side of your face with the smaller eye towards the camera. It will help reduce the difference between the two.

  • Try different expressions in the mirror. Do you look better stoic or perky? A good photographer will get different expressions from you during the shoot.

DJ Sak Noel ©Rebecca Britt


5. During the Shoot

  • I want your headshot to convey one message. Confidence. We’ll focus on a few different aspects of your face to make sure you look 100% confident.

  • I will fully direct you to find your best side and angle. No need to practice in front of a mirror the night before. Follow my direction. Even if it sounds a little silly. I know the best posing on headshots and the best way to shape your face. You may feel a little funny posing differently, but trust me the photos will look great.

  • I like music, it helps ease any tension.

  • Follow the photographer’s direction.

  • Relax a little. Headshot sessions should be fun. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down.

  • Don’t force your smile. It will look awkward in the images and your cheeks will be sore after the shoot. A good tip is to leave a little space between your teeth when smiling, enough to put the tip of your pinky in between. Your smile will look more genuine.

  • Squint, Squint, Squint!!! Squinting your eyes just a little will also help the shots look more confident and natural. The deer in headlights look is pretty horrible.

  • My sessions are usually pretty quick - so don’t worry, you won’t be there for long.

Corporate Headshots

Everyone views corporate headshots as incredibly boring and uninspiring.  


My corporate headshots are dynamic, fun and pretty exciting.  Even from my point of view, I have a ton of fun because I take the time to get to know people and chat with them.  Sure, sometimes I only have minutes but that's all it takes.  It's about making people feel at ease and comfortable.

Eventually I'll do a blog post about insecurities and how irrational they really are but for now, here's the latest headshot from a new corporate client.  


Why crop the hair?

The right crop on your headshot is very important. If someone is looking you up on LinkedIn before a meeting, they want to see what you look like. If they type your name into LinkedIn to connect after the meeting, they need to be able to see your face among the dozens of people who might have the same name as you.

The reason for cropping the hair is, essentially, proximity.  I want your face to fill the frame more than anything else!

The face is the most important element in a headshot. That is why when I crop our headshots I crop tight. No one wants to see the top of someone’s head or the third button down on their shirt. They want to see that beautiful face.  

The real estate taken up by hair or buttons is incredibly valuable when looking at someone's headshot. 

Everyone know's the top of the head is there.  No one will ever say "I'm concerned the top of her head is missing", lol.  C'mon..