Corporate Headshots

Everyone views corporate headshots as incredibly boring and uninspiring.  


My corporate headshots are dynamic, fun and pretty exciting.  Even from my point of view, I have a ton of fun because I take the time to get to know people and chat with them.  Sure, sometimes I only have minutes but that's all it takes.  It's about making people feel at ease and comfortable.

Eventually I'll do a blog post about insecurities and how irrational they really are but for now, here's the latest headshot from a new corporate client.  


Why crop the hair?

The right crop on your headshot is very important. If someone is looking you up on LinkedIn before a meeting, they want to see what you look like. If they type your name into LinkedIn to connect after the meeting, they need to be able to see your face among the dozens of people who might have the same name as you.

The reason for cropping the hair is, essentially, proximity.  I want your face to fill the frame more than anything else!

The face is the most important element in a headshot. That is why when I crop our headshots I crop tight. No one wants to see the top of someone’s head or the third button down on their shirt. They want to see that beautiful face.  

The real estate taken up by hair or buttons is incredibly valuable when looking at someone's headshot. 

Everyone know's the top of the head is there.  No one will ever say "I'm concerned the top of her head is missing", lol.  C'mon..